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Residential Patrols

The benefits of a residential security patrol from a professional Security Enforcement Agency such as PATROL-911 are countless. With crimes like auto theft, car break-ins, and burglary/robbery rising in many cities and neighborhoods, it behooves homeowners and homeowner associations to employ neighborhood security to secure their homes, and peace-of-mind.



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Commercial Enforcement

PATROL-911 prevents intruders and unruly incidents from harming your commercial property. Due to recent events commercial or retail activities have specific requirements and needs relating to public safety, crime prevention, and terrorism prevention – which is far beyond the capabilities of "basic security guard",

PATROL-911 has diversely trained professional officer to handle these situations.

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Protective Services for HOW

 Due to recent surge of tragic events in our society local congregations, Houses of Worship (HOW) are seeking to expand security at their places of worship. PATROL-911  to protect the public interest and to assist our faith-based communities is now providing these critical services to the Houses of worship-Faith-Based Venues,

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School Campus Security

PATROL-911 has extensive experience in school security. We work with public and private schools, from grammar schools to high schools. Colleges and Universities.

We can also supplement your current security by providing addition Officers and Patrols for special campus wide events. In addition our Roving Patrol Units are available to provide a visible deterrent for all your school campuses and properties. 

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Emengency Fire Watch o

In an emergency PATROL-911 Fire Watch Service is available to help your business to  avoid fines and shutdown. Our 24 hour fire watch Security Patrol Service are available in Maryland.

A fire watch is a 24 hour requirement, the same as if an alarm or sprinkler would be provided for the structure. Our Officers are specially trained and experienced in providing a fire watchservice, ensuring best protection for your property.

PATROL-911 Maryland Specialized Corporat
Corporate Services

Corporate Campus Patrol Units and Lobby Services' officers is to ensure an environment that is safe, engaging and welcoming to your employees and guests. Lobby Officers are trained to become familiar with and aware of their surroundings to make visitors feel welcome and staff feel secure. Monitoring, communication and the patrolling of your corporate campus are seamlessly with a visible Patrol unit to secure your perimeter and parking lot(s)., 


Security Surveys

Officers that are trained in Community and Business Crime Prevention. Patrol-911 can assess security measures for both Residential Homes and Commercial/Industrial sites. Our Officers are equipped to conduct vulnerability and risk assessments with the resident or business representative. We can provide feedback and recommendations for improvements in the interest of reducing the opportunity for crime and victimization.  

Alarm Response

Residents and Business owners can no longer rely on their local police department to immediately respond to their alarm activations with many cities cutting their public safety staffing. Several local agencies have implemented the “Verified Response Protocol” before they will dispatch a police officer to either your residence or business. Our alarm response can field the call from your alarm company, respond to the scene, and determine the best course of action.

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Parking Enforcement

The parking area of a property is one of the first experiences a guest or resident has with their visit. With our parking enforcement program you also receive a patrol check of your property offering an additional deterrent to potential criminal activity.

For an additional cost- Our Patrol Units  services can conduct random security patrols throughout your property.  Beside parking enforcement, check, lock/unlock common areas, responds to resident complaints and discourage unauthorized and criminal activity. 

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Construction Site Security

 In today's society, construction site management cannot leave protective services up to the police. Increases in vandalism, crime, and theft indicate that criminals have become much smarter, more organized, and more braze. Our Officers  use a vendor and visitor log in sheet to accurately record who gains access to the construction site. With this construction security, no equipment or material will be released without the proper written consent of an established authorized construction supervisor or site


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Dealership Security

If you own or manage a car dealership, you already know your location is vulnerable to a host of threats, including thieves and vandals. Protecting an inventory of new and previously owned vehicles that might be worth millions poses a unique set of challenges that simply isn’t present in many other industries.

Using PATROL-911 Enforcement Unit at your car dealership will also help keep your inventory, equipment, employees and customers safe.

Event Security

Many Facilities, Venues, Fairs and Festivals are requiring a security  presence during events. When guests leave the comfort of their homes for a special night out in your venue, or an afternoon at your Festival event You play a big part in making sure the consumer is safe. PATROL-911 can handle jobs such as entry control, crowd management, security searches, theft prevention, ushering and more. Our primary concern is making sure your affair is safe, orderly and crime-free.

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Court Services

In Maryland Process Service. According to the due process of the law, each person has a right to be notified if legal action is taken against them and also has a right to know if court actions are taken in their case.

PATROL-911 conducts specialized process and subpoena service, legal and critical document delivery regionally within Maryland.

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Hotel & Resort Security

As a Resort, Hotel, Extended Stay or Motel owner you worry about the safety and security of your employees and guests.  Your resort or hotel is intended as a place of comfort and security, With our Officers patrolling your premises 24/7 will greatly deter thefts, vandalism, misconduct and crimes. PATROL-911 is committed to giving you the peace of mind that you, your employees and your guests will be safe and secure.

PATROL-911 Maryland Specialized Corporat
Condo & Apartment Security

Our residential / apartment / condo security Officers patrols apartment buildings and townhome complexes, checking on the exterior perimeter, access points, parking lot, garages, common areas, pools and community rooms.


PATROL-911 provides Professional armed/unarmed Officers & patrol services for apartments, condos and HOAs in Maryland.

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Foot Patrols

Foot patrol is one of the most effective ways to keep crime out of your business.  Our foot patrol officers have the ability to secure all aspects of your business from the inside, out.  They are able to become more interactive with the staff gaining the trust of all employees, promoting a healthier and safer work environment for everyone involved.  Our foot patrol Officers can be used as a constant moving security presence at your business, as well as work the main gate monitoring the flow of traffic in and out of your facility.

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Bike Patrols

There are many benefits to having a bicycle patrol officer. The most often mentioned are visibility and mobility. The visibility of an officer on a bicycle cannot be matched. With this visibility also comes an increase in human contact with the community.  They know people by name, and this allows officers to be proactive in fighting crime, rather than reactive. Bicycle Patrol Officers can be much more aware of concerns before they escalate into problems

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Roving Roving Patrol

Weather is a Private Residential Community, Condominium Complex or a leased property PATROL-911 is your Property Management Solutions.  Our professional Mobile/Roving security patrol services that will dramatically reduce break and enters, vandalism and other crimes against property and persons. Our patrols are highly visible, intelligence-led and an effective means of deterring potential threats to property management companies, commercial business and government facilities that provides advanced security solutions and peace of mind through

effective security patrols

within your community.

Decoy Security Vehicle Patrol Unit Maryland

Decoy Patrol Vehicle

A patrol car is a clear sign that a security officer is nearby and on-call (even if that’s not so). And at a lower rate than having an active on-site security guard or dedicated  security patrol service, parking a decoy patrol car in front of your business can save you money. Because the only costs incurred is with the patrol car.  With PATROL-911's decoy security patrol vehicle, the marked unit parked in a place of your liking that is ready for use should your needs grow to include a dedicated patrol route.

Training & Development

Patrol-911 provides two types of training:

Training for our Clients on subjects like ACTIVE SHOOTER and WORKPLACE SECURITY AWARENESS, These training will allow them reduce the number of security issues they have to deal with on a daily basis.

 The 2nd type is an implemented standardized training programs for Special Police candidates , Security Officer Practitioner and  agents  the knowledge of the laws and regulations that govern the security field in the State.


Training & Development

Patrol-911 provides two types of training:

Training for our Clients on subjects like ACTIVE SHOOTER and WORKPLACE SECURITY AWARENESS, These training will allow them reduce the number of security issues they have to deal with on a daily basis.

 The 2nd type is an implemented standardized training programs for Special Police candidates , Security Officer Practitioner and  agents  the knowledge of the laws and regulations that govern the security field in the State.



What Are Special Police Officers? As a special police officer, Patrol-911 provides safety and security services for an assigned area or company. A commission authorizes the officer to arrest individuals who trespass or commit offenses on the property, campus, designated privately owned location described in the commission, exercise the powers of a police officer on the property described in the commission. PATROL-911 can provided these services are provided for Business, Corporations, Private schools, medical Facilities and Houses of Worship


Detective / Investigations 

Private investigators and detectives are amongst the leaders in the investigation field. We are a full-service, licensed, bonded, insured, and local private investigators offering a full range of investigative and surveillance services locally throughout MARYLAND, as well as nationally and internationally.

PATROL-911 uses our sister company On Point Protection & Investigations (OPPI) Owned and operated by a Former Police Commander with 20 Years of Experience. Owned and operated by a Former Police Commander. Highly Trained Officers provide local services with a global reach


PATROL-911 uses our sister company On Point Protection & Investigations (OPPI) Owned and operated by a Former Police Commander with 20 Years of Experience, They provides Quiet Professionals: Our executive protection professionals are trained not only in strategic and tactical situations, but also highly skilled in social dynamics and awareness. They are trained to “blend in” and maintain a low profile while protecting our clients. You get safety, security and the ability to concentrate on your business, instead of worrying about ours.


Security Subcontractor

We Subcontract for other various entities and firms, as well for Federal, State and local Municipal government agencies also to include large security corporations that require our specialized patrol services. Private security companies and private security agencies, more and more contractors are being hired that have greater skill-sets than before. We also can support your company to support and "beef up" your security presence for special events, If you’re interested in hiring private security contractors, make sure to

contact PATROL-911